Eye-Catching Web Design Trends for 2024

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Eye-Catching Web Design Trends for 2024

Did you know that there are 1.5 billion websites on the Internet today? Among those websites, only 200 million websites are active.

With this large competition pool, how are you going to make your presence known online?

One solution is to make your website stand out by improving your SEO rank and using a trendy web design. Need an idea on the latest web design trends? Read on to learn and get inspiration from the latest web design trends this year.

Retro Font Style

You’d expect web page design to contain sleek modern fonts, yet surprisingly, this isn’t the case. Nowadays, retro is regaining popularity in web designs.

However, rather than retaining the original typography, designers are upgrading it. Moreover, to give these traditional fonts a new look, designers are sprucing bold new colors on them. Such makes them attractive to the eyes of web visitors.

Trendy Colors in Web Design

The color scheme of web pages is also transitioning from muted colors to 3-D gradient schemes. Read on to find out more about the rising color schemes in web design.

Muted Colors

Gone are the days of flashy colors, as more subtle and muted colors became more appealing. Examples include beige, pale pink, nude, grey, pastel blues, and wholesome greens. These colors make web pages look calm and comfortable, matching the taste of most internet users today.

Gradient Colors

From movies and even color, 3-D proves to be a visual effect that everyone loves. While gradient colors are not new, this year saw great developments as color transitions became more realistic.

The smear-effect that gradient colors creates offers a fresh backdrop for websites. It doesn’t catch too much attention away from the text, creating a perfect harmony.

When creating a gradient color for a WordPress site, be keen on your color choice. Choose a color that can give off the vibe that your product or service represents. For instance, for spa salons, a wholesome green and white gradient is a great choice.

Aside from being easy on the eyes, they give off the calm vibe that suits the service you’re looking to sell. If you’re unsure of which color to pick, consult with your web design agency.

Minimalistic or Flat Web Design

There’s still a large interest in flat designs today. From minimalistic house interior all the way to web page design, the simple but sophisticated looks continue to attract more users.

Thus, if you’re looking to attract more website users, invest in minimalistic web designs. Some aspects of minimalism design include the use of a maximum of 3 colors.

There should also be minimal color shadow, texture, and transitions. The flat design aims to provide a cleaner-looking web page without sacrificing user experience.

Material Design

However, if minimalism is not your thing, consider using material design. Material design is the upgraded version of flat design introduced by Google.

Unlike flat design, material design is more open to the use of color and shadows. Moreover, it adds enough embellishment to enhance its usability without sacrificing visual appeal.

Frosted Glass Effects

One of the most well-received thematic effects this year is the frosted glass effect. The key feature of this theme is that it makes a semi-transparent and glossy look. The frosted-glass look creates enough emphasis on the backdrop, while also allowing texts and other contents to remain readable.

Interactive Web Design

Interactive elements such as polls and quizzes are the new normal for websites today. Such helps keep visitors interested in your website, reducing your bounce rate.

It also proves to be a great tool in communicating and learning more about your visitors. This helps show them that you care for their opinion and value their presence. Aside from review pages, chatbots are among the trending interactive elements this year.

Low Light User Interface Web Design Trends

Low light user interface options, such as night shift, are a hit, as the bold color creates a modern and sleek look for websites.

Further, the dark mode is great for highlighting website elements. Spotify, Netflix, and Steam are among popular sites that follow the dark mode design. On the other hand, Facebook and Twitter are among those that give users the option to choose the dark mode.

Visual Content is Among the Top Web Design Trend

Visual content continues to prove its worth when it comes to building website awareness. For one, a website without any multimedia content looks like a huge wall of text. This may come as boring to site users, which can lead them to navigate to another site.

However, if you were to include a few images, your website will look more captivating. This increases the chance that a site user will stay and read through your content.

Among the various media elements, 3-D images are the hottest trend in web designing. Three-dimensional images use drop-shadows and flat to semi-flat colors. This adds a captivating tactile element to the web design.

As a result, 3-D images create an immersive viewing experience that helps draw traffic. As you know, a great user experience is vital in increasing your SEO rank.

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