How Can Google Ads Help Advance Your Business Goals

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How Can Google Ads Help Advance Your Business Goals

The most popular online advertising service is Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). It belongs to a category of internet marketing known as Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising. This means that you only pay when your ad is clicked. According to official statistics from Statista, Google has 92.47% of global search engine market share. This means that if your business is not advertising on Google, you are missing out on huge potential traffic sources.

This guide will help you understand how “Google Ads” works, detailing the Google Ads auction, the bidding process, and explaining important factors such as “Quality Score” and “cost-per-click”. If you wonder “How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals”, then this guide will help.

How Does “Google Ads” Work?

The actual position of your Ad is determined by its ranking (Maximum Bid Time). The highest level of ad placement is the 1st ad position. Actual CPC (Cost-per-Click) will be determined by the ad ranking of the next highest ad below you, divided by something known as Quality Score.

The only exception to this rule is when you are the sole or lowest bidder in the Google Ads auction; then you pay the maximum bid per click! Ads bidding greatly affects advertisers who submit bids with low-quality ratings. Conversely, those with a high-quality score have higher ad rankings and lower CPCs.

Benefits Of Google Ads

Pay per Click

With the Google Ads service, you have the ability to advertise your business, products, services on Google and only pay when a searcher clicks on your ad.

Geographical Targeting

Whether you have a local or an online business or both, with Google Ads you can find customers who meet your professional boundaries. You can specify in which country, language, city, and region they will see your ads, creating a targeted ad channel.

Advertising On Various Google and Partner Networks

You can display your ads in text, image, or video format on a wide network of Google affiliates such as portals, forums, and blogs. More precisely, you will be able to:

  • target your ads to specific sites that interest you
  • user approaches based on their demographics (gender, age, income)
  • show your ads to users based on their interests
  • show your ads to users based on their email
  • re-approach users who visited your site but did not complete any action, such as purchase or communication.

Measurable Results

With Google Ads, you have measurable results and you know at all times how you spend your money. But we are not going to sugar coat things here, there are a lot of moving parts to effectively managing ad campaigns. If you are still not sure if this is something you want to handle internally, then consider contacting us and we can get the ball rolling for you. We provide data driven results and high Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) to all our clients.

How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

Google Ads allows businesses to reach anyone using Google to search for information, products, and services on the web. When used properly, it has the potential to send a large number of potential customers to your business website or storefront. If you do not have a Google Ads account for your business or you are not using your account to the fullest, then you need to review your marketing and advertising goals or consider hiring a professional.

Below are five different ways to promote your business and reach your business goals using Google Ads.

1. Search Ad

Through the Search campaign, your ad will appear to hundreds of other Google partners. On any of these sites, when users search for terms related to a keyword for your campaign, they will see your ad.

2. Display Ad

Through the Display campaign, your ad will appear on Google, Gmail, and YouTube.

3. Shopping Ad

Through a Shopping campaign, Google will use your shop product data instead of a user’s keyword to be displayed to him.

4. Video Ad

Through a Video campaign, your ad will be displayed on YouTube.

5. App Ads

Through an App ad campaign, your ad will appear on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and many other publishers that run app ads.

Finally, each campaign includes Ad Groups that can be configured to target different audiences, products, services and keywords.

Google Ads Goals – Advertising on Google Ads for My Business?

Advertising on Google Ads is one of the most important means of promoting a brand online. Those of you who have experimented with digital marketing or have a business that you want to promote will surely have wondered: “Do I have to advertise on Google Ads for my business?”

Well, in short, the answer is “Yes”.  Google Ads advertising will increase your site traffic, your sales, and therefore your profits.

From time to time you might have heard many opinions about advertising on Google Ads and its usefulness in a medium-sized business:

“My 95-year-old aunt knows how to use Google, so it will be nothing special”.

“Very expensive with questionable results”.

“I prefer social media advertising, as it is more economical with greater results”.

But what is ultimately true? Google is one of the most lucrative companies on the planet. Some of the largest companies invest thousands and even millions of dollars every year in Google Ads. They would not continue to so if they were not to receive a huge return on investment (ROI).

Arguments And Answers For The Usefulness Of Google Ads In Your Business

Argument # 1: “Advertising on Google Ads is Very Expensive!”

“Google Ads are like throwing your money in a black hole!”

“Return on investment (ROI) is impossible due to ad costs!”

These are just some of the things we hear when Google Ad campaigns are poorly managed! Ok, we admit Google Ads will not deliver “over-night” success. However, it is important to remember that all marketing channels require capital and time. The right question is whether you get a return on that investment and of course the know-how to measure that return.

Before giving up on Google ads, do the analysis or contact us to do it for you.

Most of the time, when looking at new customer accounts, we notice that they have either let their Google Ads account run on autopilot or have allowed a third party to create and run campaigns without any supervision resulting in losing a lot of money.

Tips To Make Google Ads Advertising Less Expensive

Learn how to use the platform properly

This is the number one reason people usually lose money; they have not spent time learning how the Google Ads ecosystem works. Unfortunately, this is not the easiest platform, so in addition to the money, you have to “invest” time and to understand the data of paid search.

Attend tutorials, understand your account structure, match types, negative keywords, bidding strategies and, if you are overly ambitious, even get certification from Google! Of course, your time is probably spent best running and managing your business. This is why Google Ad campaign management is typically outsourced and we are here to help.

Use more restrictive matching types (i.e., “phrase match”, [exact match])

Are all your targeted keywords set to broad matching? That is why advertising on Google Ads costs you so much! With broader types of matching, your ads are more likely to appear to a much larger, and sometimes irrelevant, audience, increasing costs and wasting click-throughs.

It is okay to use broad matching keywords but be sure to set negative keywords to exclude unrelated searches.

Define a realistic budget and supply strategy

Setting a budget and bids can be a full-time job in itself. Determine what you can use realistically for each campaign and adjust your daily budget accordingly. But what about the offer? For advertisers interested in their budget, we suggest manually bidding to get the most out of your account control, without letting Google run the show.

Make sure you are not in search ads and display ads at the same time

Being in search ads and display ads at the same time can work great for the advertiser who is trying to get as much visibility and recognition as possible, but often users blindly choose this option and end up running out of budget very quickly.

The display network receives your ads and displays them all over the web and not just in the search results. The intention is different compared to searching, so we recommend that you separate these campaigns and have a separate budget and strategies.

Check what you spend

There are many reasons to get out of budget, your keywords may not get you relevant clicks or you may be using the automated system to quickly waste your budget. For these and other reasons, you need to be extremely careful and control your KPIs and expenses daily.

Argument # 2: “I am achieving very good SEO promotion, so I don’t pay per click advertising”!

The fact is that advertising on Google Ads complements a good SEO strategy and increases both brand awareness and the overall profitability of a business.

Different types of keywords involve target different searcher intent and lead to different search behaviors. SEO is great for informative searches, but highly commercial search queries tend to provide very different SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) with a lot more ads – sometimes with nothing more than ads! For those types of high-profile, high-conversion keywords, ads often steal the most clicks.

Users will never reach the organic result at the bottom of the page, as they will have already clicked on another site. The truth is that even the best SEO in the world can not guarantee that your product/service will get people to your website.

You can follow all the best practices, but top positions are not guaranteed, nor are clicks. With CPC advertising on Google and also proper SEO on your site, you are on the right track. If you’ve already done both, but doubt their effectiveness, let us have a look! We can make sure your Google Ad campaigns and SEO are fully optimized for conversions.

Argument # 3: “The traffic I get from advertising on Google Ads does not bring me conversions”.

This is a real problem, however, with effective management you can turn your Google Ads advertising efforts into a conversion engine. In 2013, eBay ran into a similar problem and stated Google keyword advertising is a waste of money, concluding that ads on Google did not work. Most of course blamed the eBay marketing team. Let’s explore why some companies, such as eBay, fail to get paid search conversions.

Your account is poorly structured

Often advertisers do not see conversions because their account is a disaster! Maybe they are targeting keywords that are either too broad, irrelevant, or have low search volume. Perhaps you are not effectively managing negative keywords, or using any kind of testing. The list goes on, so if you’re not seeing the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) you should be, contact us today.

Your ads are not relevant

Targeting “searcher intent” is extremely important when it comes to Google Ads. Your keywords should match your ads and of course your landing page. If you are looking for a pair of sneakers and head to a landing page with hats, you are more likely to leave the page but also lose confidence in this brand.

This tip may seem obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people collect a large set of keywords and direct a specific ad that is not directly related to the keywords being searched, eventually leading the user to their homepage.

Repetitive marketing

Many times, especially in B2B companies with higher sales cycles, you can not rely solely on getting conversions through search. You have to go one step further; the most successful way is repetitive marketing. Leveraging platforms like social media and deploying social media marketing strategies, is important as well.

Argument # 4: “I do not have time to manage Google Ads”

Ads on Google Ads might be a time-consuming & demanding process and if you do not take the time to evaluate, track and modify your campaigns, then your results will be really bad. What can you do? Consult an experienced Google Ad Expert from TFG Media to guide you on this journey, examining the real needs of your business & bringing you real results.

Does Google Ads Advertising Work?

To sum up, advertising on Google Ads can bring great results to your business, it can generate a strong return on investment (ROI), it can help you increase your revenue and sales, but a test is the best way to convince yourself. Depending on the competitiveness of the bidding keywords and the relevance of that particular keyword to actual conversions for your company, Ads may not work for your business.

Google Ads is extremely effective for many types of businesses. as long as they do not waste their money on the wrong keywords or write weak ads with low CTR. So when it comes to the question of what Google Ads is, the general but clear answer is the opportunity that Google gives you with pay-per-click to appear in the first results in relevant searches of potential customers.

For more information, you can contact TFG Media Company.

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